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In the early 1930s, my grandfather, John T. Patton, left the family farm in Virginia and brought his wife and kids north to Maryland to start a landscaping business in Montgomery County. John's company installed sod at commercial and residential sites in Maryland, Northern Virginia and Washington, D.C.


Six of his ten children eventually entered the landscaping field, starting with my dad, Raymond, who founded R. P. Patton & Sons in 1936. From my granddad‘s day forward, the Patton family name always has been associated with the highest standards of quality and service.

In 1966, my brother, Emory, and I created our own sod sales and installation company, Turf Center, Inc.. We worked out of the small town of Spencerville, Maryland, where we built a wholesale/retail distribution center. Turf Center, Inc. soon became the region's first sod company to harvest and sell Maryland-certified turf grass, stacked on pallets. Our business flourished as the market continued to grow and diversify. 

Our Roots Run Deep...

In 1982, I launched Turf Center Lawns, Inc. to meet what I saw as the rapidly growing demand for specialized turf care and landscaping services. Turf Center Lawns originally concentrated on three primary service areas: residential and commercial landscaping; athletic field construction and maintenance; and landscape construction. We have since broadened our service offerings to include drainage solutions and a host of challenging landscape specialty projects. Along the way, we developed a solid reputation for providing practical, cost-effective solutions to many highly technical, turf-care-related issues.


Today's Turf Center Lawns team offers you an exceptional range of landscaping services and capabilities. We are experts in our field, who share a deep commitment to exceed customer expectations on every job we do -- whether large or small. When you hire us, your satisfaction is guaranteed. You have my word on it.




William T. Patton, Sr.


Turf Center Lawns
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