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We offer complete, year-round Lawn and Yard Care services to help you preserve your property's natural beauty. Our services include:

Lawn Care: A customized, program designed to keep your lawn lush, green, weed-free and disease- and drought-resistant.

Yard Care:  A package of seven essential grounds maintenance services that keep your entire property looking its best:

  • Mowing & Trimming

  • Edging & Mulching

  • Spring Cleanup & Fall Leaf Removal

  • Tree & Shrubs

  • Seasonal Planting

  • Pruning

  • Stump Removal & Grinding

  • Gutter Clean Up

  • Snow Removal


A Four-Step Program to Restore Your Lawn's HealthIf your lawn suffers from persistent bare spots, discoloration, crabgrass encroachment or weed or insect infestation, you may need help from a specialist. Turf Center Lawns will inspect your lawn, diagnose the problem and offer a customized solution. You'll receive a FREE, 15-Point Lawn Health Assessment detailing our findings along with a Lawn Care services estimate. That's the first step in our four-part program designed to return your lawn to full health and vitality. Once you sign up for the program (Step Two), we schedule your lawn for seasonal treatments that include:

  • Soil conditioning

  • Fertilizer applications (using dry, granular forms that dissolve slowly, providing a healthy, prolonged feeding schedule)

  • Over seeding (either to fill-in bare or thinning patches or to gradually transform your lawn to a preferred grass variety)

  • Weed control (chemical applications and associated strategies that target the specific varieties of weeds attacking your lawn)

  • Integrated pest management (to eliminate damage from moles, grub worms, ants, rodents, deer and more)


We continuously monitor your lawn's progress (Step 3) through visual inspections and an annual soil-sample test, and we modify our approach according to the results. When your lawn reaches optimum health, (Step 4) we place it on a more limited, long-term maintenance program.


15-Point Lawn Health Assessment


On our first visit, we carefully inspect your lawn, looking for tell-tale signs of natural and man-made stressors. We collect our findings in a comprehensive, 15-point Lawn Health Assessment that we use to prepare your service estimate. The Assessment contains information on such important lawn-related factors as:

  • Soil condition

  • Degree of sunlight and shade

  • Dominant, and secondary, grasses

  • Best suited grass for your needs

  • Lawn density (thickness of grass coverage)

  • Soil composition

  • Tree Canopy

  • Water and irrigation issues

  • Lawn size and topography

  • Pest problems

  • Lawn disease

  • Weed infestation

  • Adjoining lawn conditions

  • Surrounding vegetation


Your free Lawn Health Assessment is a valuable reference document and tool. Be sure to keep it handy, for frequent, easy reference.



A well-landscaped yard can give you years of enjoyment, provided it remains well kept. But just how much care is necessary - and at what cost? At Turf Center Lawns, we focus, first, on helping you protect your existing land-scaping investment. Our basic Yard Care package contains only those specific measures "required" to fully realize your property's current landscape design and to maintain it at generally accepted levels. To this, we frequently add a separate section of optional, "recommended" services highlighting new features and benefits for your consideration.

Free Yard Care Checklist

Along with our Yard Care Service Estimate, you also will receive a FREE Yard Care Checklist, which our technicians fill out during their physical inspection of your property. The checklist covers your entire property and identifies:

  • needed structural repairs 

  • future maintenance issues

  • recommended grounds improvements

  • plants with special care requirements

  • dead or diseased plants

  • weed and pest-control problems

  • safety hazards

  • grading/irrigation issues

  • life-style related issues


Each item comes ranked according to its perceived severity, and our technicians frequently provide written comments about their observations --along with referrals to trusted, third-party service providers.



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