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Looking for guidance on how to prepare your garden for the winter, on the pros and cons of different grass varieties or fertilizing programs? You'll find the answers here in our selection of original articles. If you have comments or topic suggestions, please drop us a line. 


Mosquito Control Tips
by Odin Wortman

Most of us love the warmer seasons of Maryland but along with the lush beauty of Spring comes an inevitable undesirable: The mosquito! But don't blame all mosquitoes. Only the silent females suck your blood. Anticoagulants keep the tap flowing and cause itching and swelling. With West Nile virus on the rise (10 cases in Maryland, 2007), infectious disease is increasingly a real threat. Unfortunately, these tiny vampires don't come out only at night... MORE

Top Three Winter Chores
by Odin Wortman

There's much to be done with your lawn so prepare early for a beautiful Spring. Though it may still be a cold Winter it's probably the best time to get prepared for a great Spring lawn... MORE


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